May 20, 2019
SPANK SPIKE 35 Vibrocore™ Bar
May 22, 2019

SPANK OOZY Trail 780 Vibrocore™ Bar


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OOZY Trail 780 Vibrocore™ Bar

+Completely redesigned geometry 780mm wide for the aggressive Trail or All Mountain rider.

+Injected proprietary foam Vibrocore™ provides vibration damping to reduce arm pump and hand-numbness

+Shot-peening and anodizing enhances fatigue life even further

+Adjustable to 740mm

KEY TECHNOLOGIES Vibrocore™, Dual XGT, CNC Bending, MGR
MATERIAL Zirconium Doped 7-Series Alloy
WEIGHT (g) ±270g (15) / ±275g (25)
DIAMETER (mm) 31,8
RISE (mm) 15 / 25
LENGTH (mm) 780
GEOMETRY (deg°) 5° up x 7° back
FINISH Shotpeen anodized, decal logos


RISE OPTIONS: 15mm, 25mm
COLORS OPTIONS: black/gray, black/blue, black/green, black/red, black/orange

MSRP $109.00

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